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Introduction to The World of STR
A Global Perspective

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Welcome to the gateway of the ‘World of Short Term Rental Management!’

Our unique ‘one of a kind’ course has been designed for those who are being introduced to the STR industry for the first time!

No matter where you are in the world, this global perspective course offers a dynamic, interactive and comprehensive overview of all things related to STR.

Our learners will deep dive into the industry by covering hot STR topics such as; Time Management & Well being, Acquiring & Managing Listings, Guest Services, Owner Relationships and more!

About The Course

Course Objective:

To provide an overview of the short term rental (STR) industry from a global standpoint. From understanding the basics to diving deep into various global markets and practical time management skills, this course has it covered.

Who Should Attend?

  • New starters and Offshore Assistants supporting an STR business for the first time
  • Real estate professionals aiming to expand their services.
  • Anyone curious about the opportunities and challenges in the short term rental landscape.
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Key Takeaways

Comprehensive understanding of the STR market dynamics. 

Exploration of global trends and best practices.

Mastery of time management, planning, and well-being within the STR industry. 

Introduction to the key elements of the industry; listings, guests and owners! 

Module tasks and assessments that further build confidence to work within this fabulous industry!

Are you a Short Term Rental business owner and leader who wants your people to be trained by the experts?
Do you want to avoid the time restraints of having to train your people directly, taking you away from your business?
Do you want your people to soak in all the facets of the industry so they can support you and your business grow and scale?

Look no further – this course is perfect for you, your business and your people. 

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