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Need help with your business?

Need help with your business?

Hire an Offshore Assistant Today!

Let our team of experts match you with the perfect offshore assistant who will get things done so that you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Experts Outsourcing

A successful short term rental (STR) business has the owner focusing on relationships and revenue, achieving personal and financial goals through their efforts. For too many business owners,  STR stand for “Swamped, Tired, Resistance”. Always struggling to build the right team meaning they ultimately get dragged back into the weeds themselves.  

The secret only a few STR businesses have discovered is outsourcing. Finding amazing, committed and cost effective team mates offshore to support their business.  

Holiday Rental Experts understands first hand what it takes to grow a successful STR business based on the right mix of local and offshore team members. Local teams focus on account growth and revenue, offshore complete all the painstaking administration. 

Our unique outsourcing service offers loyal, skilled, and cost-effective Offshore Assistant candidates from the Philippines and Malaysia, who will complete a full month of induction training specifically for the Short Term Rental industry.

Trained Assistant

Our offshore assistants are trained to handle and perform tasks needed in Short Term Rental industry.

100% Exclusive

We make sure that we match you with a candidate who will focus only on your business.


Our recruitment and pre-assessment processes allow us to provide you with top quality candidates.

Three options for your new team member to

Empower your time and business!

1. Elevate

A 12 month program to customise and concierge an offshore team for your business. Individual coaching and support program designed for committed business owners ready to take their business to the next level. The elevate program is designed for those who want it ‘done for you’ with high level coaching support. 

2. Accelerate

For those who can do it themselves, however need a hand getting started, our accelerate program is the ultimate kick-starter for STR outsourcing success. The six month program comes with a range of pricing discounts to recognise those who are committed to positive change. 

3. Starter

The perfect package for those who need to ‘test it out first’. Minimal commitment, maximum support. This program is ‘done with you’ to ensure success by building a strong foundation before handing the model over to the business.

Experience the freedom an Offshore Assistant can give you, today!

Start optimising your time and boosting your profits. Chat with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Holiday Rental Experts will match you with your very own dedicated Offshore Assistant who will become an extension of your team. Your new team member will have undertaken a 1-week induction training programme and after 28 days a month-long Introduction to Short Term Rentals program – this will ensure they are knowledgeable in the STR Industry and have an understanding around the tasks that are performed on a day-to-day basis. We operate with integrity and our expert matching criteria process enables us to source amazing experts to work with us and you.
We want to find the right fit for your business needs. Our targeted plan ensures we match your Offshore Assistant to not only be qualified to perform the tasks you want to delegate but fit into your workplace culture too. We will aim to have a short list of candidates for you to interview within 10 business days of receiving your payment (however this is also reliant on applicants suitable for your role).
Your Offshore Assistant will report to you directly, this includes all HR matters long term. Holiday Rental Experts will be responsible for the initial Induction Training during the first week of employment. Your Offshore Assistant will be provided with portal access for their training once you have confirmed their employment post interview. Towards the end of the first week, Holiday Rental Experts will email you a formal handover email. This email will confirm a scheduled ‘First Day Zoom Meeting’ between yourself and your Offshore Assistant. During this meeting, it is encouraged to introduce your Offshore Assistant to your team and move forward with what your expectations are, from the first day. It is important to treat your Offshore Assistant as you would one of your onshore team members. Include your Offshore Assistant in team meetings, acknowledging their birthday and other celebrations – even have a virtual lunch with them so you can learn about each other a little more. Building connections and camaraderie ensures the successful integration of a valuable team member into your business.
Ideally, you should first hand over to your Offshore Assistant things that you are doing now, that are repetitive and non-strategic tasks. You are the expert in those tasks so you can explain them easily and quickly, leaving you more time to focus on the business and moving it into the direction that will promote growth and take your business to the next level. Once your Offshore Assistant has those mastered then involve them in your roadmap forward.
Do include your Offshore Assistant in any group chats you may have, for example, teams, zoom, skype, whatsaapp groups. You will likely give your Offshore Assistant their own email or access to a group email address to provide them with the full functionality of your workplace. Discuss the use of project platforms such as Trello or Asana, if you have these within your business.

During recruitment, Holiday Rental Experts ensure the candidate meets our minimum required technology standards. Computers, monitors, headsets and internet speeds and connections are all responsibility by your Offshore Assistant.

As businesses use so many varied communication and software systems how much and when you allow your Offshore Assistant to access these is entirely up to you. Do remember that your Offshore Assistant will want to assist you in making your day easier and giving them the right tools will make that transition so much easier.

If you wish your Offshore Assistant to work more than the base hours, please seek their availability for the extra hours.
Once you have selected the perfect candidate post shortlist interviews, you will directly manage and pay your Offshore Assistant from the first day of their employment. This is outlined further in your Partner Guide.


Offshore Assistants are entitled to 10 days annual and sick leave and within reason are required to give as much notice as possible.

The majority of Offshore Assistants introduced by Holiday Rental Experts, reside in the Philippines. They are -2 hours from Australian Eastern Standard Time (with extended time during Day Light Savings). You will need to confirm the hours of work directly with your Offshore Assistant. It is common that Offshore Assistants start early in the morning so that they are within the same time zone as their employer.

Your Offshore Assistant will be employed based on the days and hours you have confirmed at the beginning of the recruitment process. This can be both part-time and full-time and can fluctuate or change. You will need to directly manage your Offshore Assistant’s days and hours of work, once they formally commence with you.

There are 18 National Holidays in the Philippines. Your Offshore Assistant is contracted to work Philippine holidays but may apply for leave in advance. Leave is agreed and approved by you.

There are 2 payments that will be charged to you upon engaging in the services of Outsourcing an Offshore Assistant. One payment will be charged to you at time of signing the agreement with Holiday Rental Experts and, the final payment 28 days from the first day of employment of your selected Offshore Assistant. There are no hidden fees!
We onboard the Offshore Assistant with a comprehensive induction. This includes, but is not limited to, behaviour, policies & procedures, timeliness & attendance, and essential communication. You manage schedules, performance reviews and drafting recommendations and any other staff issues. Your Offshore Assistant is tasked and directed by you daily.
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