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The essential toolbox of checklists, forms and templates, tailored to empower you,
your team and your business operations.

Why choose our products?

Crafted with precision by our CEO/Founder, Rebecca Cribbin, with 14 years of STR industry experience, these checklists, forms and templates are not merely documents, but products of the ‘essence of expertise and practical finesse’.

Each one a result of in-depth industry know-how, combined with rigorous testing and refining.

The result? A suite of products that are effective in practice as they are in theory.

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What sets us apart?

  • Authenticity – real tools for real businesses, created by a real expert. My experience is embedded in every bullet point and every line, providing you insights from my own story of success – overseeing 1250 properties, 65,000 bookings with a value over $100 million and helped 500,000 guests create wonderful holiday memories with family and friends!

-R F C xx  

  • Easy to use – downloadable and fillable documents that you can customise and implement instantly. Saving you time, money and sanity!
  • Optimisation – each product is designed to streamline your operations, elevate guest satisfaction and enhance your business’s efficiency and profitability!

The Rebecca Cribbin Guarantee…

My 10x promise to you…

When you buy products or programmes from Holiday Rental Experts, I am comfortable I will help you generate at least 10x your investment.

Let’s collaborate.

-R F C xx  

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